Magnetic Hopper

Magnetic hopper used to separate dust of steel or iron counterpart that may affect the production machinery or final result of food processing. There two kinds magnetic separator. Magnetic separator that installed to trap pieces of metal which may contaminated the grain or food raw material and magnetic separator that integrated to a high level metal detector.

Food Raw Materials

Magnetic separator in the beginning of production process it self widely known as magnetic trap or magnetic grate. Its prevent metal contamination during the food processing also helps the machinery to their proper sustainability of work. We provide many types magnetic separator to reach many industrial need of it. Here are some samples of magnetic hopper.


About magnetic separator that integrated to a high level metal detector can be read here.


Tesla Meter

As stated by HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) magnet power for food industry should at least 12.000 Tesla. As a complete hygiene equipment for food industry supplier, we also provide some types of Tesla Meter or known as Gauss Meter. The device will be attached to a kind of magnetic device that integrated directly with food production machinery.

This portable device is operating at economic cost and easy to operate. They come in a handy design and waterproof. As its crucial feature to maintain the magnetic flow between magnetic devices, the installment of Tesla Meter should be under supervision by senior technician.

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